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Sikkim best tourists places

Experience your tour destination in Sikkim which is known as one of the states of North East India. Sikkim renowned for its panoramic mountains, quaint villages, pristine scenery, five climatic zones, total sanitation, peaceful environment, hospitable, holy lakes, vibrant Buddhist Monasteries, a holiday in Sikkim is sure to bring you close to nature providing you ample peace and solitude.
Book the Sikkim tour packages with exciting deals and offers. One can get the best itinerary covering the major attraction of Sikkim tourist destination and if you are looking for a budget package of Sikkim this packages will be the best choice for your next vacation.
Sikkim a jewel of the Eastern Himalayas spread below the crowning glory of the 8534 meters high, Mount Kanchenjunga; which is not just a mountain, but the Sikkim’s protective deity.
Sikkim is wedged between Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and the North Bengal Plains of India, this region is a tangled mass of mountains drained by the Teesta and Rangit Rivers. The grain of the country rises from near sea level to 8500 meters, in a short distance, forming a giant amphitheater, as it were from the great mountains.
From the past history, it is said that Sikkim was once ruled by the king Chogyals he ruled this region till the year 1975. But today you can see that Sikkim had become one of the best tourism spots, every year you can see the crowded people exploring the destination of Sikkim.
The exotic flora and fauna, rich culture and tradition fabulous vistas and serene monastic settlements give a unique glance. Sikkim also offers several treks that lead through the pine forests and the picturesque valleys, this state is also the base for mountaineering expeditions and excellent river rafting.
Sikkim allows you to experience the blend of the Lepchas, Bhutias, Nepalis and their culture, tradition, the way they live and more.
Not only Sikkim but also the capital city of Gangtok presents a wonderful hill destination for the traveler from pristine surroundings to shimmering azure lake water, Gangtok offers everything. Visit the world-renowned Rumtek Monastery, and the Tibetology Institute with its large collection of Buddhist, icons, religious paintings, and literature, roam the exotic bazaar ride the cable car for birds-eye views, and admire a spectacular collection of orchids, plants, and flowers.
Discover the magical beauty of these towns and also if you wish to make your Sikkim tour combine with Darjeeling and Kalimpong, you will be provided by the tour operator and also with the best coast and accommodation facilities.
Sikkim best tourist destination
Sikkim had a lot of tourist destination which divided into the four districts in North, South, East, West and every district has its own distinct ambiance, topography, flora, and fauna. Each and every destination presents its own uniqueness and charm.
Lachen( North Sikkim)
Lachen the most mesmerising and peaceful place of North Sikkim situated at an altitude of around 8500 ft and approx 107 km from the Gangtok. Lachen is a small village with having the simplicity and freshness around it.
A small town is so alluring the mesmerizing scenic landscape of the Lachen attracts every kind of tourists, whether they are adventure seekers, honeymoon tourists or nature-loving explorers.
Lachen is the base for many North Sikkim treks as well as the access point to the high altitude lakes of India like Guru Dongmar Lake and Tso Lhamu Lake. Also, Lachen is also a prominent pilgrim destination for the people of the Buddhist faith due to the ancient Lachen monastery.
A small village of Lachung is one of the hotspots for the tourist destination; it is located in the North Sikkim, the natural beauty and the spectacular waterfalls that graced the prime attraction for the nature lovers.
The orchards of apple, apricots, and peaches around the village are the pleasurable sight for the visitors. The local market of the village has various different exquisite handcrafted clothes such as blankets, carpets, woolen clothes, etc. along with other souvenirs which you can shop at an extremely reasonable price.
Chungthang a town situated at the two rivers named as Lachen River and Lachung River, the Chungthang with the breathtaking landscape is a well-known tourist destination for the and adventure seekers.
Chungthang is also called as a religious place for the Buddhist faith, it has a legend that says that Guru Padmasambhava visited this village while going to Tibet in the 8th century and he rested on a rock where he left his footprint.
Gangtok (East Sikkim)
Gangtok, capital city of Sikkim, lies in the Eastern Himalayas, it presents the alluring charm and uniqueness which attracts lots of tourism to visit these. Gangtok is also called as the “land of Monasteries”. The state also gives a chance to explore the mesmerizing views of the soaring peaks of Mt. Kanchenjunga, fresh mountain air, picture-postcard beauty, and salubrious climate.
Nathu La
Laying on the nature lap Nathu la covers a distance of around 55 km from Gangtok, Nathula is a tradeline between China and India. From here one can explore the spectacular views of the snow-capped peaks of the Eastern Himalayas being an important military post of the Indian Army, special permissions need to be taken 24 hours in advance from the Army authorities in Gangtok. Also, the pass remains open only for a few specific days of the week.
Rumtek Monastery
Rumtek Monastery is known as one of the largest Buddhist Monastery in Sikkim, these Monasteries hold the great religious importance for the people of the Buddhism faith in all over the world. The monastery is located around 24 km from the city of Gangtok in the quiet, peaceful and beautiful village of Rumtek.
Namchi (South Sikkim)
Namchi located in the south of Sikkim that presents the awe-inspiring views of Darjeeling and Kalimpong in West Bengal. Namchi is gradually taking up as a major tourist destination in Sikkim, One can also visit the thrilling places in Namchi like Samdrupste Hill, Solophok, Char Dham, Temi Tea Estate, this all the destination will make your tour more interesting and amazing.
Ravangla is the best tourist spot in Sikkim, it is best for the bird watcher; nestled amidst the Maenam and Tendong Hills, Ravangla is among the best places to visit in Sikkim especially in the southern part of the state. A scenic town between Gangtok and Pelling, this hill-town also hosts some of the most popular treks in Sikkim.
Temi Tea Garden
The only tea garden in Sikkim, that leads the international market the tea estate is located on the slope of the Tendong Hill and spreads in the large area offering the splendid picture-perfect view of the surroundings and the small villages nearby. Tourists can visit this tea garden and also watch the tea processing methods which will be an enriching experience.
Pelling (West Sikkim)
Pelling lies at a distance of 115 km from Gangtok. Snow-covered peaks of the Kanchenjunga range. One can have the best views of the Himalayas and the Kanchenjunga Peak and can experience the best of their Sikkim holidays. You can also explore with several waterfalls, breath-taking views, natural beauty and adventure options like rafting, kayaking, trekking, mountain biking, and several others.
Another tourism places to visit Sikkim, Yuksom is the origin of several enthralling treks into the Himalayas or the magical Kanchenjunga. Yuksom is also known as the meeting place of three lamas’ this Sikkim’s village has recently started gaining tourism attention. Well, this is also the reason; you can expect pristine beauty and untouched nature in Yuksom.
What activities can you do while you visit Sikkim
Sikkim is the best state one can easily experience the activities like trekking, rafting, paragliding, cable car ride, Bungee Jumping at Singshore Bridge, Yak Ride near Tsomgo Lake, Helicopter Ride in Sikkim, Caving in the North Lha-Ri-Nying Phu, Goechala Trek, Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek, Singalila Trek.
And when the times comes for cuisine then Sikkim offers the best, Gya thuk like a Thukpa which is a noodle-based soup with vegetables or meat. Momo stuffing minced meat, vegetables or cheese in flour dough and then making them into dumplings. Phagshapa is a strip of pork fat stewed with radishes and dried chilies.
Along with these destinations, you can also get luxury hotels and a resort where you can stay without any trouble.
I hope all these will be enough for you to explore in Sikkim tour packages, or if you want to know more about the destination of Sikkim then feel free to comment us in the below-given box.
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What's new in Darjeeling Tour?

Where you should visit Kalimpong?


I am writing this blog, about my bad and good experience in the Darjeeling Hill station so that you can plan your holiday and get some ideas about Darjeeling through my blog.

You might be thinking what’s new in Darjeeling Tour? Then, Darjeeling hill station so much more to offer you, the enchanting valleys, and mesmerizing view of Kanchenjunga snow-capped mountain which is always been the most precious moment to watch the view from the edge of the Darjeeling hill.

Darjeeling, one of the most attractive hill stations in the Eastern part in the state of West Bengal India. The town is nestled in steep mountain ranges and situated at an elevation of about 2,050 meters above sea level. The town endowed with sprawling lush green tea plantation, mesmerizing sunrise and providing cool climate all over the year. Actually, Darjeeling hill station is the perfect gateway to spend your honeymoon in the pristine nature and peaceful ambiance.

Darjeeling is famous for its best quality tea all over the world and the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, the world heritage site. In Darjeeling, you can get various restaurants serving delicious cuisines and quality food. Momo is the most popular snack in Darjeeling and due to the diverse culture, the local and dishes are quite varied.

Darjeeling has a diverse practice of various indigenous cultures and festivals including, Dushera, Diwali, Chrismas, Losar, Buddha Jayanti, etc. Darjeeling is settled by many Nepali People and also the Buddhist people, Christain, and other ethnic communities like Lepchas, Bhutias, Tamang, Gurung, Yolmculture and, etc have their own language and cultures.

Besides the culture of Darjeeling, the hill station comprises semi-evergreen, Temperate and alpine forest. The town is surrounded by the dense forest of Sal and oaks forest and in Darjeeling houses a rare variety of orchids which is mainly found in here.

Apart from fauna, Darjeeling also houses the exotic and endangered fauna in eastern India. Padmaja Naidu Zoological Park in Darjeeling is the place where several endangered and rare species are found such as Snow Leopard, Royal Bengal Tiger, Red Panda, and Barking Deer and more other including several varieties of Avifauna.

For me Darjeeling tour was so much of fun, where I had face to face contact with wild animals, discovering the amazing view of Kanchenjunga snow-capped mountain, roaming around the lush green tea garden. Not only this Darjeeling gives the great chance to the adventure enthusiasts where it offers various adventure activities like Ropeway, River rafting, Camping, Trekking, hiking and more.

So, where should you visit in Darjeeling?

Darjeeling offers the most attractive tourist places which truly give you immaculate nature and get a chance to interact with natural ambiance. The most popular tourists place in Darjeeling that one should not miss.

Tiger Hill
The hill offers the stunning sunrise which you can witness the sun rays falling on the summit of the Kanchenjunga snow-capped mountain and the changing color of the mountains looks just outstanding. On a clear day, you can witness the glance of Mount Everest and the hill stands on the highest point in Darjeeling delivering scenic views and amazing trekking trail.

Rock Garden
The garden has amazing features where all the benches are made up of cutting rock and the garden is in terrace formation. The garden is a 10km distance from Darjeeling town and has a spectacular ambiance. You can see the natural waterfall, the fountain in the middle of the garden and wide varieties of flora. The place offers a peaceful atmosphere and can enjoy pristine nature everywhere.

Batasia Loop
This is one of the most famous touristy places in Darjeeling and covered by lush green and immaculate nature. It is well known for its spiral loop railway track when the toy train makes its way crossing the looped track and makes a 360 degree then turns to enter into the tunnel. In the center of the looped track, there is a beautiful park known as Gorkha War Memorial. From here one can discover the breathtaking view of Darjeeling town and the lush surrounding.
Padmaja Naidu Zoological Himalayan Park
Darjeeling zoo or Padmaja Naidu Zoological Himalayan Park is famous for Red Panda and Snow Leopard breeding Program. It houses rare and endangered wild animals like Red Panda, Snow Leopard, Siberian Tiger, Himalayan Mountain goat, Tibetan Wolf, and Himalayan Salamanders. The zoo is situated at an elevation of about 2, 134m above sea level and it is the highest zoo in India.

Happy Valley Tea Estate
It is located in such a great location where it offers breathtaking views in its surroundings. It is one of the highest tea factories in the world and was built by the Englishman in the year 1854. Happy Valley Tea Estate covers an area about 437 acres and situated at an elevation of about 2,100 meters and one of the popular tourists attraction in Darjeeling.

Japanese Peace Pagoda
It was built by a Japanese Buddhist Monk Nichidatsu Fuji in the year between 1885 and 1895. It is a white structure known for its peace and spiritual significance. It reflects the four avatars of Lord Buddha are represented in the stone carving. From the summit of the Peace Pagoda, you can see the scenic views.

Ghoom Monastery
Here you can witness the 15 feet tall statue of “Maitreyi Buddha” in the center hall of the monastery. The monastery lies at the height of 8,000 feet and it is the oldest Buddhist monastery in Darjeeling. The monastery showcase the ‘Kangyur’ the rare Buddhist manuscripts, old painting, sculptured wall and arts of Tibetan Buddhism. Visitors can also see the majestic Kanchenjunga snow peak and lush green environment.
Darjeeling Himalayan Railway
Come and take a joyful ride in the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway which is also known by the name “Toy Train”. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is the pride of Darjeeling hill station and one of major tourist attraction in Darjeeling. This railway runs between Darjeeling stations to NJP (New Jalpaiguri station) and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO IN 1999.

I hope this blog will help you to plan your trip in Darjeeling and I have mentioned all the famous places of Darjeeling that you can visit. If you want any further information then you can comment below.
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kalimpong tour

Places to visit in Kalimpong


Kalimpong is located in the northern part of West Bengal. It is adjacent to Sikkim and is near the Teesta River. The most important factor that makes Kalimpong special is the weather of this place. Kalimpong is blessed with alpine weather.
Kalimpong has a peaceful environment with lots of monasteries, temples, and churches that landed over this place and also Kalimpong consists of panoramic views of Himalayan ranges. Apart from its peaceful environment Kalimpong also consists of bustling bazaars. Apart from everything the main attraction of this place is it pose people. In Kalimpong, people believe living in an organic way and everyone loves to preserve their culture and tradition and also loves to add the essence of culture and tradition in their way of adapting in a modern environment. Here people love music, poetry and art pose. Art is the best form to get high and a pose, this quote is really applicable upon the people of Kalimpong. The pose streets of Kalimpong is filled with talents. Kalimpong is famous for its nurseries and orchids.
Kalimpong is an important flower producing center. There are a number of nurseries present in Kalimpong. Kalimpong excels in the production of nurseries across the town and can have a look upon the collection of flowers, orchids, and cactus.

PEOPLE: The main tribe that belongs during ancient times to Kalimpong was the Lepchas, but nowadays, Nepalis could be seen her. Other native tribes residing in Kalimpong are Bhutias, Newars, Sherpas, Limbus, Gurungs, Tamangs and many more. And among the non-natives, it is home to Bengalis, Biharis, Tibetans and so on. Irrespective of caste, creed, and religion, the people used to live together with great courtesy and friendly.

LANGUAGE AND RELIGION: The main language spoken in Kalimpong is Nepali. Other main languages for conversing with tourists are Hindi, English, Tamang, Limbu, Lepcha, Bengali.
Hinduism is the main prominent religion followed in Kalimpong but Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam are also equally treated.

LOCAL FESTIVAL: Local festival of Kalimpong celebrated with great fervor, joy and bliss are Christmas, Diwali, Dushera, and Losar. Lepcha Museum and the Zang Dong Palri Monastery are the two places that give you the complete idea of the cultural skill of Kalimpong.

FOOD: Kalimpong is really incredible and simply fabulous in eating out. Though one could not see innumerable chic and stylish restaurants on the hill station it completely satisfies the hunger of its visitors with small, simple and wayside stalls. The main snacks that are liked by the local people and tourists in Kalimpong are momos and Thukpa.
On the priority people of Kalimpong love to eat Tibetan and Chinese food. There are many restaurants and small eateries that offer these two cuisines and other than these one could also find them serving Indians as well as Mughlai Cuisine also. Then if your taste goes with western cuisine, then also there are few restaurants that serve this style of food. For top-class Chinese food, you must go to China Garden. The Goods Garden Retreat and the Sana Hill Top are must-try ones, for eating mouthwatering momos, try Gompus but for vegetarian momos, move to Shikhar, Unique and stalls on the roadsides.


DEOLO HILL: Deolo Hill is the highest point in town and is among the famous Kalimpong tourists places. On a clear day, you can view the mighty Himalayas, the neighboring states and the surrounding villages to Relli and Teesta Valley. The park located top is the hill is an excellent picnic spot. You can experience paragliding from the summit of the hill and horse riding in the lush green atmosphere.

DURBIN DARA: It is one of the two hills connected by a ridge on which the town of Kalimpong stands. The hill is 1372 meters above the sea level and is located southwest of the town. The hill commands a panoramic view overlooking the town of Kalimpong the snow-clad Himalayan ranges of west Sikkim. The Teesta River its valleys and the Jelepla Pass in the distance. A golf course is also present just off the summit.

ZANG DONG PALRI MONASTERY: It is located atop at Durpin Hill, the monastery was established in 1970 and was constructed by the holiness of Dalai Lama six years later. Visit this place for its striking architecture and a splendid view from Durbin Hill. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Kalimpong.

MORGAN’S HOUSE: Now a tourist lodge under the West Bengal Tourist Development Corporation, Morgan House is an old British bungalow. This sprawling haveli should be visited for its beautiful architecture and for the rare varieties of birds that may be spotted in the vicinity.

HANUMAN TEMPLE: Located on the way to the Deolo Hill, the Hanuman temple in Kalimpong is another quick stopover. You need to climb a set of stairs to reach the Hanuman statue which is the tallest in North East India.

PINE VIEW NURSERY: The ever-fascinating and ever splendid northeast is home to some of the most beautiful nurseries in the country and the Pine View Nursery in Kalimpong is one of them. For all you nature enthusiasts out there, this should definitely be on your Kalimpong sightseeing list. There are hundreds of varieties of cactus on display at the Pine View Nursery. The Nursery also offers the beautiful picturesque views of Kalimpong town, rolling valleys, rivers, and lush green landscapes.

MANGAL DHAM TEMPLE: Built over an area of two acres, the Mangal Dham Temple is among the popular tourist places in Kalimpong. The prayer hall of the temple is on the Upper floor, as on the ground floor lies the samadhi of Guruji Shri Mangaldas Ji. The many paintings in the temple depict various scenes from Krishna Leela. It is a well-maintained temple and the religious tourist mostly flock to this place.

JELEPLA VIEWPOINT: Listed among the tourists places in Kalimpong, the Jelepla Viewpoint is maintained by the Indian Army. The dawnting roads and the confluence of the rivers Teesta, Relli and Reang can be viewed through wired fences, Jelepla's viewpoint also offers a splendid view of the snowcapped Mount Kanchenjunga and the Jelepla Pass that was once used for trade with Tibet.

SHAHID PARK: A small monument and park, Shahid Park were established in the memory of the 1200 Gorkhas who died fighting for Gorkhaland between 1986 and 1988. Holding a cultural and historical significance, this park is a must-visit for those who are curious about the historical aspects.
Moreover, it is the perfect spot where you can take your kids. Ideal for leisure time, this park can be visited in the evening and can also be added to your list of places to visit in Kalimpong in one day.
Shahid Diwas is held on 27th July every year to remember the Gorkhaland Martyrs.

HAAT BAZAAR: A market held on Wednesday and Saturday, the Haat Bazaar is your answer to cheap shopping in Kalimpong. People splurge on food, clothes, accessories. And other everyday products. Drop by if you happen to be in town if only to take in the vibrant street shopping atmosphere.

LEPCHA MUSEUM: Approximately 2km from the main city, the Lepcha Museum is the cultural center of Kalimpong. The houses various articles of worship, musical, instruments, and clothing, thus upholding the traditions of the heritage of the Lepcha community.

MAC. FARLANE MEMORIAL CHURCH: was constructed by Scottish Missionary in the 1890s the Mac. Farlane Memorial Church is a prominent Landmark and amongst the famous places to see in Kalimpong. Built on an elevation, it is visible from across the town and is strategically located.

DURGA MANDIR: Dedicated to goddess Durga, this Mandir is a few yards from the Hanuman temple. The temple is small but boasts of a beautiful garden. The surrounding hills add to its aura and charm seek your places to visit Kalimpong in one day, this temple shouldn't be missed out from your itinerary. This is one of the most visited temples and will touch your fun trip.

LAVA AND LOLEGOAN: Surrounded by forests, Lava is a beautiful mountain village that can be reached in an hour and a half from Kalimpong. It is a delight for nature lovers and birds watchers popular tourists places in the vicinity include the Neora Valley National Park, the Silk culture Research Center and Changey falls.
At the approximate distance of 24km from Lava, Lolegoan is another small mountain valley hidden away in the quaint hills. It is locally known as Kaffer and can be covered along with Lava in one day. Tourists can take a canopy walk or simply enjoy spectacular views of the Kanchenjunga range from lolegoan.

PEDONG: Pedong lies 20km east to Kalimpong on the historic Silk Road. The ageless hills offer a blend of history nature and culture popular tourists places in Pedong include Pedong Monastery, Damsung Fort, Silence Valley, cross hill, Rikisum Ramitey viewpoint, and Tinchuley viewpoint. Things to do are Hang-gliding and paragliding. Ramitey offers the longest and the best view of river Teesta.

I hope this blog is helpful to spend your holiday in Kalimpong and I wish you have a great time in Kalimpong hotel. If you have any questions then please leave your feedback so our team can reach to your matters.
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